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The classic fun of Duck Hunt ...    The splendid brutality of Doom ...
Together at last.

Important Notice for 2015!

This game was created using decade-old design tools, intended for Windows versions 98 to Vista, and has not been updated or modified since its original release.

The software below is provided "as-is" and might not be compatible with current operating systems. Technical support is not being offered.

Please read the enclosed document for more information, and enjoy Duck Doom Deluxe! (if you can!)

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Download DUCK DOOM Deluxe:


Primary Link - (6.4MB)
Unzip to a new folder before playing.


More Mirrors
Coming soon. (maybe)

Misc. Information

Minimum system requirements (approx):
400MHz CPU, 64MB RAM
Windows 98 or greater + DirectX
Mouse and Keyboard
Light gun and Touchscreen compatible!

Created in Game Maker 5.3 by Goodnight (aka HelpTheWretched)
Contact information included in the game's .txt file
Official GM Community topic HERE

Duck Hunt 1985 Nintendo
Doom 1993 Id Software
Graphics and sound used and edited without permission
"Noproblo" is just a parody name