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Draw your blade, sharpen your skills, and grab a friend.

Noproblo Games presents The Legend of Zelda: Two Swords, the one-of-a-kind fan game where two players can go head to head in a split-screen fight for supremacy. Featuring all-new gameplay with a unique engine and special effects, six characters, customisable controls, purchasable power-ups, intense strategic combat, detailed interactive environments, and original music and special effects.

It's time to find out... Which Link are you?

Green Link
Our timeless Hylian hero, young at heart with a warrior's courage.
No frills attached.
Red Link
Known far and wide for his fiery temper and explosive tendencies.
This guy's dangerous!
Blue Link
A sure-footed swordsman who cuts from all angles.
Beware his dizzying repertoire.
Purple Link
Mysterious and mischievous, his mastery of spells conquers all.
Better watch your back!
Yellow Link
Under that tunic is a brute force with an ominous credo:
Real men wear yellow.
Orange Link
Fortune always seems to fall in the auburn child's favour.
What can he say?

Newcomers are in for a suprise and hopefully a treat - Two Swords plays like no other Zelda game. Inspired by the Wibbles games of old, Two Swords places you in a battlefield where two embodiments of Link and their faithful fairy followers take on the classic "Snake" formation as they battle it out.

As you square off with many traditional Zelda weapons and some brand-new items, you must learn to manage and protect your fairy chain, and even use it to your advantage, for these fairies manifest their devotion into good old-fashioned bombs at Link's will.

Two Swords features a highly detailed game engine with many ways to interact with your environment. Fight over and under vine bridges, travel through wooden tubes, and find hidden items by destroying the scenery. Shoot your trusty arrows through flaming torches and set the place ablaze. Throw projectiles up and down stairsets, remote-detonate bombs, create devious traps, and harm your opponents with distance-and-position-sensitive attacks. Slash through their fairy chains and steal their followers to lay claim to the power of the Triforce.

Screenshots (click to enlarge):

Download the Beta Demo: - 5.43 MB
(Unpack all files to a new folder before playing)
Warning: May not run properly in Windows Vista.

Remember: Two Swords is a spin-off game with a unique control scheme. There will be a slight learning curve, so please don't be put off at first. In most cases, you won't be able to enjoy Two Swords to its fullest the first time around, so sharpen your skills as a lone player, and share the game with a friend or family member who may be interested.

And of course, if you like this game and want to see it completed, send me your feedback!

Coded entirely by Goodnight (aka HelpTheWretched) with Game Maker 5.3
Concepts, graphics, and sounds are trademarks of Nintendo
All graphics and sounds ripped, edited, or created by Goodnight, except:
Fairy animation base by "Aliento", grass texture overlay by "proMonkey"
All music sequenced to MIDI by Goodnight,
composed by Goodnight, Koji Kondo, and MOKA
More credits in text file included with the game.